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Quality wall insulation is one of those often overlooked home improvements that can offer significant savings to homeowners over the years through reduced energy bills, as well as the reduced cost of avoiding water damage expenses due to mold and damp spots. Below are some of the key benefits of properly installed wall insulation for homeowners:

Lower Energy Bills Due To Greater Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling bills are responsible for half of a structure’s energy bills. Walls are the most exposed structures in a building, and the large exposed surface area of a building’s non-insulated walls makes them the primary source of heat loss during the winter, which leads to increased heating expenses. In places with hot summers, improperly insulated, or uninsulated walls easily let in heat from the outside, thereby dramatically increasing cooling/air-conditioning costs.

Good insulation significantly lowers the rate of heat flow through walls, as the insulating material is a bad conductor of heat. This ensures that heat from outside cannot flow to the cooler interiors in summers, and the heat from inside the home cannot escape to the chilly outside air in winter. Thus, your home remains heated or cooled to the optimum comfortable temperature with minimal expenditure of energy by its heating or air-conditioning systems, thereby significantly reducing energy costs.

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Reduced Mold and Dampness Due to Lower Condensation

The air inside a building contains a lot of moisture. When this humid air comes in contact with a cooler surface such as a cool, non-insulated wall, the moisture in the air condenses on the wall. This leads to damp spots on the walls that often act as ideal places for mold growth. Good wall insulation ensures that the temperature of the inside surface of a building’s walls remains high, and almost at the same temperature as the inside air. This significantly reduces condensation of moisture on the walls, thereby reducing unsightly damp spots and potentially dangerous mold growth on your walls.

Reduced Outside Noise

Good wall insulation not only stops the flow of heat through the walls; it also acts as a barrier for outside noise. A quieter space contributes to reduced stress, and a more productive environment inside your home or business – as well as improved acoustics in general.

Ensuring quality wall insulation is hence highly recommended for property owners, as it will not only ensure massive savings from reduced energy bills for years to come, but will also make the interiors more livable and pleasant by reducing dampness, mold and outside noise.







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