The Benefits of Spray Foam

Did you know that you can dramatically increase the safety, comfort, and efficiency of your home by having our experts install spray foam insulation? Spray foam can easily be installed while building a new home, or applied to your already-built home, and offers a wide range of benefits.

Spray foam is a permanent solution when it comes to insulating your home, as you no longer have to worry about regularly replacing other insulating material. Apart from being a one-time solution, spray foam insulation decrease the cost of utilities.

Spray foam

Air leaks happen to be one of the major reasons for most homes’ heightened energy bills. Fortunately, spray foam ensures that all the hidden cracks, holes and other types of gaps are completely sealed. According to research, it creates a robust airtight seal that is 24 times less penetrable by air compared to other types of insulators.

Spray foam is the most effective insulating material for combatting moisture because it is water resistant, and made of an inert polymer which discourages the growth of mold and bacteria. With spray foam you will never again have to worry about mold, mildew, ice dams, wood rot, and more. When moisture enters a house through cracks and gaps, it accelerates the growth of mold, which causes damage to your home, as well as serious health risks to your family. It consumes everything underneath it, thereby causing structural damage, and is hazardous to your health – especially those with weakened immune systems or allergies.

Spray foam is also the most effective soundproofing insulator, as its material makeup acts as a sound barrier. This insulator also improves air quality by preventing  dust, pollutants, allergens, and odors from entering your home. Did you know that having spray foam insulation installed can also help you qualify for federal tax deductions?

These benefits and more make spray foam an excellent insulation choice as it conserves energy, saves money, and improves the safety and comfort of your home. In addition to these benefits, spray foam is durable and cost effective as it will last as long as your home does.

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