At Fresh Insulation, we utilize only the top of the line, highest performing open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation for our customers. 

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Guide to Spray Foam Insulation Greenville, SC 
Fresh Insulation - Greenville Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Greenville truly changed the way homeowners use insulation in their homes. Spray Foam Insulation allows homeowners to save money because the technology prevents the loss of heat and cold. Home spray foam insulation guarantees to add value to your home and help in saving tons of money because it protects your home from air infiltration, moisture accumulation, convection, radiation, and air infiltration. The Spray Foam variant is more preferred because of its ability to effectively prevent escape and passage of heat through its membrane and surfaces in cases of: radiation, convection, conduction, moisture deposition and air infiltration. What makes it distinct is the various types of pathway that it uses like conduction, convection, radiation, air infiltration, moisture accumulation and air intrusion.

Wall Foam Insulation Greenville, SC   

Fresh Insulation has professionals who are experts in wall foam insulation. The Fresh Insulation Installation team is composed of professionals in Greenville who have years of experience in adding layers of reinforcement barrier to prevent the escape of heat energy. Spray Foam is effective in reinforcing the insulating properties of existing walls. Wall Foam Insulation can provide added value to one’s home if there is worn-out or inefficient insulation present within the home or business. If your home or business in Greenville suffers from old or ineffective insulation, then choose to get Wall Foam Insulation from Fresh Insulation.                

Crawl Space Insulation in Greenville, SC   

Too much moisture can lead to harmful molds that may ruin the structure of your home. Closed Cell Spray Foam is best used to prevent moisture from seeping into your house and can also be applied on the outside of your home, unlike most products. Other noteworthy effects of this material on crawl spaces are: enhanced overall quality of air, increased savings on energy consumption, dehumidifying, mold prevention, odor neutralizing, and effective screen against bugs and pests.Crawl Space Insulation is an effective dehumidifier because of its vapor retardant properties.

Noise Proofing                                                         

Foam Insulation can help homeowners reduce noise and sound proof their rooms thanks to its efficient sound proof insulation. It’s hard to experience a peaceful lifestyle in Greenville if there’s too much noise. Do not hesitate to ask us how our process works and we will gladly answer all your inquiries. 

Garage Door Insulation

Regardless of the season, a properly insulated garage can help you save on energy costs.Garage Door Insulation is imperative because without proper insulation it can be a huge reason that heating and cooling is, thus resulting in higher energy bills. This provides significant savings on one’s energy bill. Experts from Fresh Insulation can install solid panels in your garage door where the spray foam insulation can be inserted. Only experienced personnel can effectively install the spray foam.                                                                         

Fresh Insulation - Foam Insulation Company GreenvilleOpen and Closed Cell Spray Foam                                                                                                      

In a nutshell, both types can be used effectively but open cell provides more benefits when used in the interiors while closed cell is more appropriate on the exteriors. Open Cell Spray Foam also: uses less material when compared to other insulation types, can be used for interior installation, costs less, has a soft, spongy texture that allows for a superior air seal, prevents condensation and mold growth because of its bi-directional drying capabilities, and allows water to wick if a leak occurs. The Open Cell Spray Foam gets its special property from its unique structure, some of which are: (1) ability to let moisture freely pass through its membrane; it can be made from naturally occurring organic material; and (3) the safe use of water as propellant. Open Cell is an efficient as an air barrier and is more cost-effective because of the cheaper raw materials.                                                                                                                    

Closed Cell can be applied at temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, has low vapor permeance, and is able to reject bulk water (such as flood water). It sufficiently protects the tight spaces in your house against continuous load or sudden impacts. Versatile and exceptional, Close Cell Spray Foam is the material to use if you want an all around benefit. It works well in hot and cold climates and temperatures. It is generally used in crawl spaces because it enhances the firmness of the structure against impact and pressure. Its properties stay the same whether it is applied on the interior or on the exterior surface of the home.


Commercial and Residential Use                                                                       

We work with builders to ensure that we won’t fail in installing the perfect type of spray foam insulation to your home. We provide services for both commercial and residential needs. Fresh Insulation can provide professional services in any commercial and residential establishments in Greenville.                                                                 
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Fresh Insulation - Spray Foam Insulation Company Greenville

The planning, execution and finishing stages of the project are made easier complete if you have reliable partners like us in the pursuit of adding value to your home and maximizing your savings. Whether you are insulating your home or your business, Fresh Insulation has the professional that can offer you the most appropriate type of insulation for your specific needs. There are tons of benefits that can be reaped when you invest in insulation such as a distinct 50% change in your utility bills. You also get an added value to your property. It’s time to get rid of mold and mildew, water leakage, excessive moisture, unwanted pests, uneven temperature, and expensive energy bill. Fresh Insulation’s professional services may help anyone find the right spray foam insulation for their home. Contact us through our hotline so that we can talk about how our services can give you a return of up to 50% in energy bill savings!




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