At Fresh Insulation, we utilize only the top of the line, highest performing open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation for our customers. 

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Spray Foam Insulation Introduction Columbia, SC       
Fresh Insulation - Foam Insulation Company Columbia

Spray Foam Insulation Columbia, SC has revolutionized the insulation world, and provided exceptional benefits to those seeking superior insulation for one's home or business.This type of technology is known for increasing the energy efficiency through lowered R-values. Other advantages of choosing spray foam as the type of insulation include:  providing stability in the walls, noise reduction, long term solidity (does not settle), stops air and moisture leakage, extends life of HVAC, adds to value of home, reduce mold and mildew, and increased energy savings. Using this type of spray foam insulation can increase the value of a property. The material has other noteworthy functions such as bolstering of existing structure’s rigidity; sound reduction; homogenous application; fluid stoppage; improvement of rooms for standard heating; ventilation and air conditioning; increase in overall value of the property; prevention of mold; and maximized savings on heating and cooling costs.  

Wall Foam Insulation Columbia, South Carolina     

Installing Spray foam will significantly lower your energy costs. It is also able to prevent noise from the outside from penetrating into the room. Our guys at Fresh Insulation are experts in providing and installing this in key areas within your home. If your establishment or home is suffering from tired walls and moisture leakage in Columbia, SC, then it's time to invest on spray foam insulation services from Fresh insulation. When used in walls, it guarantees great reductions in annual energy expenses while giving other benefits to the house.                        

Insulation for Crawl Spaces Columbia, SC          

It can save homeowners money since it reduces heating and cooling costs, and decreases humidity. Moisture is not welcome inside the crawl spaces of the house that is why insulating them is important. Does your home in Columbia, SC suffer from too much moisture, creating unwanted molds in your carpet, walls, and shoes?

Sound Proof Insulation                                                                

Every home should have a sound proof insulation. We can help you set up a special plan to make your house practically noise-free wherever you are located.     

Garage Door Insulation

Savings on energy expenses are realized when the appropriate insulating method is used in garage doors. It is recommended to use Spray Foam so that the garage door has all the benefits the foam has. The added barrier improves the control of heat within the house, resulting in more efficient utilities and space conditioning. The insulation allows for temperature regulation and allows for significant savings on your heating and cooling bills. Using spray foam technology to insulate garage doors significantly reduce the escaping energy from inside and prevent heat from entering the house.                                                                         

Fresh Insulation - Spray Foam Insulation Company ColumbiaDifference Between Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam                                                                                                          

Differences include the composition material as well as the advantages. Other noteworthy benefits are: composed of more basic ingredients than other prevailing products in the industry, ideal for indoor applications, significantly cheaper, better stoppage of air entry and infiltration, dehumidifying properties, mold growth retardation, and leak warning system. The Open Cell Spray Foam is best described as the Soft Polyurethane Foam.                                                                                                                     


Closed Cell Spray Foam can be used in both inside and outside the structure, which allows for increased versatility. Instead of water as the blowing agent, Closed Cell Spray Foam uses a chemical blowing agent. The Closed Cell Spray Foam is the denser counterpart of the Open Cell type. Closed Cell Spray uses safe chemicals as a blowing agent. A Fresh Insulation expert may help you find the right type of foam for your home.                                                                                  


Commercial and Residential Services available at Fresh Insulation                                                                           

We work with many builders to add insulation during construction and we can implement our foam insulation in existing homes too. Our flexible and customized services are applicable to any client. Fresh Insulation is accredited to offer our services to both the commercial and residential settings, making us an authority in the insulating industry for more people in Columbia, SC.                                                                   
Reliable Insulation

Fresh Insulation - Columbia Spray Foam Insulation

Fresh Insulation is composed of experienced personnel and expert consultants that give our customers in Columbia, SC their insulating requirements whether they are in the commercial or residential category. The benefits are so overwhelming that you will begin to see the benefits very quickly through the reduction of your monthly utility bills, up to 50% in most cases! It's not too late to invest in the safety of your home's structure. Call us today!






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Spray Foam Insulation

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