Save on Energy with Spray Foam

You may think that you have your home well insulated, but you still don’t see the energy saving rates that you think you should. One reason for this could be the lack of insulation in hard-to-reach places, which is particularly common in houses built prior to the mid-1970’s.

Spray foam insulation is a simple solution to this problem. At Fresh Insulation, our trained team of specialists can supply and install spray foam insulation, allowing you to see a typical 50% increase in energy efficiency. Our spray foam insulation is suitable for new homes currently under construction, as well as homes already inhabited.

The Department of Energy found that up to 40% of a building’s energy is lost through walls, windows and doorways, and spray foam is the perfect solution to homes that are losing energy this way.

Spray foam

How Effective is Spray Foam Insulation?

Not only does spray foam have multifunctional uses, but it is also very effective at it’s primary purpose. In terms of protecting homes from heat loss, it is highly effective at blocking conductive, radiant and convective heat transfer, and is almost twice as effective at blocking heat transfer as blown fiberglass alternatives. The material also boasts an excellent R rating per inch.

In addition to walls, windows and doors, spray foam insulation is particularly useful for attic projects. The moisture and sound blocking qualities make the polyurethane product very beneficial, especially when converting an attic into a living space.

One of the drawbacks of using polyurethane spray foam is that it can be difficult to calculate exactly how much you need – and given that it is typically twice the price of roll-on or loose fit insulation, you need to get your calculations right. Utilizing our services ensures that not only will you get the right amount of foam for your project, but you are guaranteed a professional installation that will offer you the best efficiency possible for your home.

We use only the best spray foam on the market, and advise against opting for a cheaper company that likely uses open cell foam insulation that does not have the sound, and, most importantly, the moisture barrier of our superior foam.

Our friendly team of insulation experts have decades of experience in home insulation. So whether you are looking for sound proofing, moisture prevention, or energy savings, you can rest assured that you have chosen the number one spray foam insulation company in Austin. Call us today!

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