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Introduction: Spray Foam Insulation in Jacksonville, NC           
Fresh Insulation - Jacksonville Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation in Jacksonville, NC is a new type of technology that’s currently changing the way we insulate our homes and establishments. The Spray Foam variant is more preferred because of its ability to effectively prevent escape and passage of heat through its membrane and surfaces in cases of: radiation, convection, conduction, moisture deposition and air infiltration. The material significantly prevents convection, conduction, radiation, accumulation of moisture and penetration of air through it. Other advantages of choosing spray foam as the type of insulation include:  providing stability in the walls, noise reduction, long term solidity (does not settle), stops air and moisture leakage, extends life of HVAC, adds to value of home, reduce mold and mildew, and increased energy savings. What makes it distinct is the various types of pathway that it uses like conduction, convection, radiation, air infiltration, moisture accumulation and air intrusion.                                

Wall Foam Insulation in Jacksonville, NC

When used in walls, it guarantees great reductions in annual energy expenses while giving other benefits to the house. Wall Foam Insulation can provide added value to one’s home if there is worn-out or inefficient insulation present within the home or business. The Fresh Insulation Installation team is composed of professionals in Jacksonville who have years of experience in adding layers of reinforcement barrier to prevent the escape of heat energy. We at Fresh Insulation help in maintaining the integrity of the energy conservation within the home in Jacksonville to prolong and preserve its structure. It acts as a barrier to noise and reduces condensation.                                                                                  

Insulation for Crawl Spaces Jacksonville, NC                                                                                  

Moisture is not welcome inside the crawl spaces of the house that is why insulating them is important. It can save homeowners money since it reduces heating and cooling costs, and decreases humidity. Professionals recommend the use of Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation because of its versatility and ability to be used on the exterior of the structure. Other noteworthy effects of this material on crawl spaces are: enhanced overall quality of air, increased savings on energy consumption, dehumidifying, mold prevention, odor neutralizing, and effective screen against bugs and pests.                                              

Sound Proof Insulation

Foam Insulation also provides a natural and very effective soundproof and noise reduction from room to room. The insulating project can be directed to emphasize the sound proofing property and this is achieved through proper planning and coordination with us professionals.                                                    

Insulation of Garage Doors

Wasted energy that escapes the establishment through unseen crevices can be a cause for a higher energy bill. Savings on energy expenses are realized when the appropriate insulating method is used in garage doors. Installing garage door insulation can be tricky; you will need help from professionals to be able to install it. Experts from Fresh Insulation can install solid panels in your garage door where the spray foam insulation can be inserted. Garage doors are considered the most common entry point and exit point of heat energy.

Fresh Insulation - Foam Insulation Company Jacksonville

Difference Between Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam Jacksonville, North Carolina

The benefits include: vapor retardation, it is made from 100% organic materials and is applied with the use of a hydro blower.  Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation has several benefits when compared to other insulation types, including:  it is relatively vapor-permeable, made from biologic based materials, and use water as the primary blowing agent. In a nutshell, both types can be used effectively but open cell provides more benefits when used in the interiors while closed cell is more appropriate on the exteriors. Open Cell is an efficient as an air barrier and is more cost-effective because of the cheaper raw materials.  

It works well in hot and cold climates and temperatures. It is generally used in crawl spaces because it enhances the firmness of the structure against impact and pressure. After evaluation by a Fresh Insulation professional, it will be determined if Open or Close Cell Spray Foam is appropriate for the consumers specific structure. Versatile and exceptional, Close Cell Spray Foam is the material to use if you want an all around benefit. Closed Cell Spray Foam is useable for any type of structure, whether it’s for external or internal use. Instead of water as the blowing agent, Closed Cell Spray Foam uses a chemical blowing agent.                                                                  

Commercial and Residential Use  

Fresh Insulation - Spray Foam Insulation Company Jacksonville

We are tied up with many building and home renovation contractors that trust us to deliver the needed insulating requirements in their respective projects. We are tied up with many building and home renovation contractors that trust us to deliver the needed insulating requirements in their respective projects. Our company works with builders and other companies so that we can help families and businesses solve these problems.                                                                                  


The planning, execution and finishing stages of the project are made easier complete if you have reliable partners like us in the pursuit of adding value to your home and maximizing your savings. Our wide variety of services can cater to your establishment’s needs. We can help you find and install what works best for your specific home scenario and situation so you can trust us to work with you in improving the quality of your house. Contact us through our hotline so that we can talk about how our services can give you a return of up to 50% in energy bill savings!





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