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Proper attic ventilation is essential to any roof system, and an important aspect of homeownership. When installed correctly, a ventilation system performing optimally will cause a vacuum effect, pulling fresh, cool air into the attic, while pushing out heat and moisture. Not only does this form of maintenance reduce your monthly and seasonal utility costs, but it also improves air quality, comfort, and dramatically reduces the risk of roof damage.

Just a few benefits of proper ventilation include:

  • Roof Structure Safety – Heat and moisture – the leading causes of roof damage –  tend to accumulate in the attic as the year progresses. If ventilation isn’t adequately compensating for this build up, the strength of your roof structure can be compromised. This reduces the life expectancy of your roof system, prompting repairs. Roof repair is costly – an average of $12,000 to repair a metal roof. Rooftop material varies dramatically in price,  and the cost of repairing tile and slate roofs is much higher – and without a properly ventilated attic, you can expect to be making repairs regularly. Simply put, ventilating your attic is essential to maintaining the structural integrity of your roof, and saving you thousands of dollars.
  • Protecting the Health of your Family – Improper ventilation can cause a myriad of health problems, particularly in the winter season and cold climates. During periods of low temperatures, ice dams form and the resulting moisture from their melting will rot the wooden components of your roof structure. At this point, mold becomes a major health concern, especially for young children, the elderly, and asthmatics. Even in healthy adults, mold can cause irritation to the lungs, eyes, throat and skin. Properly ventilating your attic prevents water damage, and the subsequent health risks to your loved ones.
  • Energy Savings – Did you know that a poorly ventilated attic can reach temperatures of 150 degrees? Imagine how hard your cooling system would have to work to compensate for this incredibly high temperature, and how much extra money it would add to your monthly utility bills. When properly ventilated, however, the natural attic vent and added insulation keeps heated air out, thus reducing the amount of energy used to cool the area in the summer. During winter months, adequate ventilation keeps the attic cool and prevents heat from entering – thereby lowering the amount of energy required to heat your home given that heat is not escaping to the attic.

Ensuring proper attic ventilation combats costly, and dangerous consequences associated with poor ventilation. Though you might consider tackling the job yourself, working with our insulation experts not only saves you time, energy, and money, but also gives you the peace of mind knowing that all safety regulations have been adhered to.







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